• May

    YouTube advertising effectiveness > TV?

    YouTube advertising effectiveness
    As the convergence of TV and digital continues, Google now claims YouTube advertising effectiveness is greater than TV. Matt Brittin, Google’s top-ranking European executive, is set to unveil a report analysing ad campaigns across eight countries that show in 80% of cases YouTube ads were [...]
  • May

    Next Gen Consumerization – Sanders cracks millennial customers

    Bernie and Next Gen Consumerization-
    The rise of Bernie Sanders, seemingly from nowhere came as no surprise to us at yBC.tv. In our video about Next Gen Consumerization, our friends at the Leading Edge Forum made a number of predictions about how technology is changing the world. And in relation [...]
  • Apr

    Digital Television is the new Television

    Michael Wolff Digital TV
    In his new book Michael Wolff argues that digital media is becoming all about video and so digital television is the new television. Despite the hype of record digital media spend, Michael Wolff argues in his recent book Television is the new Television (2015), that digital has not bested good old fashioned TV. Instead digital media [...]
  • Apr

    Beyond Branded Content (why branded content used to work)

    Beyond Branded Content
    Douglas Holt in Harvard Business Review argues that Branded Content does not work anymore. Now brands have to compete directly with real entertainment.
  • Feb

    [Show Reel] yBC Recent Features

    Coal in Australia
    yBC specialises in creating feature format videos for our clients & collaboration networks. Often these are in a mini documentary format of 3-5 minutes, featuring clients and collaborating experts. We routinely involve global brands and recognised industry experts. Other formats include animation. Our features are often deployed in long term social media campaigns on platforms [...]
  • Feb

    [Show Reel] yBC Hero Videos

    Richard Branson 275
    Hero videos are those business videos which really show off the power of compelling video content. With expert production these videos can be an invaluable business development tool as well as a tool to wow the crowds at conferences and events. yBC creates these videos for a wide range of industries and clients for all [...]
  • Jan

    Digital Chef stirs up consumer technology

    Digital Chef TV
    yBC works with CSC’s Leading Edge Forum to produce Jamie Oliver style TV shows about consumer technology. Lewis Richards, “The Digital Chef” runs Xperience Lab programmes to bring innovation and experience to enterprise.   LEF wanted to be able to open up elements of this incredible programme – [...]
  • Sep

    The Superstar Economy – Recruitment in the digital world

    Animated video for digital and integrated recruitment company, Superstars, introduces a disruptive approach to staffing. Superstars Animation Feb 2015_V2 According to a survey by PwC, 73% of CEOs are concerned about finding the right skills to grow their business. This worry has risen dramatically over the past 5-10 years, as [...]
  • Jul

    Igniting Digital Networks

    James Blog 1280x720 Harvey Igniting Digital Networks
    World Cup winning managers. Fighter pilots. Mountain climbers. Formula 1 racing bosses. Harvey Thorneycroft Ltd has quite a stable of inspirational speakers. Specialising in unforgettable events and relationship development strategies, ex Rugby Pro Harvey Thorneycroft brings together world class personalities – each delivering ideas and strategies to motivate business leaders to higher levels of performance. [...]
  • Jun

    Leveraging the Matrix

    How LEF reimagined Wachowski Brothers 1999 classic to explain Digital Revolution 2 new scenes Serious business content tends to take a serious approach. Especially when your subject matter is the digital revolution – affecting the very existence of firms and by extension, the careers of management. However as Tim Washer of Comedy Central fame (and [...]