Most marketing departments are familiar with content marketing strategies – creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content over time to attract and retain customers.

But because the commitment to high value, strategic content is difficult for companies which lack internal publishing capabilities, much digital content is actually low value and transactional. The irony is that at the same time video consumption, the most popular digital content type, continues to explode in every format and especially on the critical mobile platform, making it the critical content format for telling your stories.

Our experience is that a commitment to strategic video publishing and genuine story telling leads to strong year on year audience growth.

At a time when organic social and search have become paid media buying, a focus on content marketing makes sense.

You’re dealing with the reactions and emotions of your living, breathing customers. And that can’t be gamed, hacked, or exploited. Forbes

It seems obvious, but creating an engaged audience means creating video your audiences will take time out want to watch.

Your customers are sophisticated media consumers Building an engaged audience means real storytelling.  This is not about “going viral”.  You need to be engaging, entertaining or inspiring to generate real emotional response: to get people tuning in for your market leadership, knowledge or expertise.

And as you engage your audience with quality content, via their viewer preferences you will come to understand them better.