3D animation tool to boost engagement

During 2018, global professional services firm PA Consulting launched a significant amount of very high quality third-party content to its global leadership community. The community has its own leadership development platform, and this content was part of the thought leadership material for the global community. yBC delivered this via our Brilliant Minds program with Harvey Thorneycroft Limited, which has seen great success.

When our client at PA noticed that some parts of the business were starting to relax their interest around some of the content, we got our heads together and decided to give it a gentle nudge. The resulting concept was a simple 3-D animation tool which allows the user to manipulate the animation and click on hyperlinks to view content relevant to them.

Immediately, engagement levels increased and the statistics spiked. It was clear that it was merely a case of finding additional clever ways to package the same information, to encourage very busy people to come back for more. The client is very happy and has signed up for another year’s worth of our content.