57% open, 41% click… Industry averages? You’ve got to be kidding.

We’re getting quite accustomed to achieving industry beating results on most of our campaigns, but we keep forgetting to tell people about them.

On a recent mailout with James Potter, the Linked In Man, (on LinkedIn here) we achieved some rather pleasing results together.  The statistics, below, speak for themselves, but are well over 3x industry average open rates, and 10x industry average click rates.







James has a thriving LinkedIn and networking training business, generating real results for businesses throughout the UK and, increasingly, around the world.

Just take a look at his profile to see what his clients think of him.

But he’s always keen to achieve better results.  Here’s what he had to say about yBC after we helped him with his most recent campaign:

I have been really impressed with the way they have taken me through the process. Clearly explaining the steps, the implication and the importance of a good approach which reflects the connected approach I encourage in my clients.

Great minds and all that.

There must be something in the coffee around here …