Big Data + Energy Challenges bring new business TV focus

Since December yBC has conducted three new interviews which take our Business Intelligence focus in to the Energy Space.

First we spoke with Sammy Haroon, adviser to our client Saffron Technology and the Organiser of the GE Energy Innovation Summit (video below). We are working with Sammy to create shows about how data can be used in the energy space to create entirely new business models as the grid gets smart. For example, energy might come to be seen not as a commodity, but as a value adder meaning it can be supplied to ‘have nots’ where traditional supply models don’t work.

Then yesterday we spoke with Franz Dill. A participant in the Energy Summit, Franz has a 30 year history in Artificial Intelligence/Business Intelligence for Procter & Gamble.  Franz joins our growing lineup, looking at how we can use new technologies to make better decisions, predict the future and manage risk in turbulent times.

These two gentleman join the UK’s Steve O’Donnell who is actively involved as an advisor and director and investor in a number of Data Centre, Smart Grid and Sustainability businesses, including Iceotope, and Greenbang. Formerly Global Head of Data Centres at BT running the biggest IT Operation in Europe, Steve comments on the physical challenges of handling real time data.