Brains behind Axis

Brains behind Axis Rejoins as CTO

Dale Stevenson, the technical brains behind yBC’s highly successful AXIS digital experience has rejoined the company as CTO. Dale led development on the ground breaking animations that set the AXIS experience apart in the highly competitive financial services space. The product was sold to 20+ market leaders including Schroders, AXA, HSBC and Alliance, and achieved very high levels of measurable engagement in an industry where attention has been hard to get.

After a time working on a series of projects away from yBC over the pandemic, Dale now rejoins as CTO. He heads up the development team of back end and front end developers who work to implement the designs of the Figma team and deliver the technical aspects of the the business and communications needs of clients and partners.

This month, Dale has already delivered his first major website for 2024 – an implementation for a client expanding into other parts of Europe from its base in Switzerland. Dale is also heavily committed on three more major projects over the next few months.