Business development planning on the East Coast

yBC has begun work on an exciting new business development planning project with a franchising organisation, focusing on business growth and online engagement.

Earlier this week, yBC’s Mark Sinclair travelled to the East Coast of the US to meet with a franchising organisation and representatives of its extensive franchise network.

Whilst in the US Mark worked with the company and its franchisee reps on business development planning for the franchisee network – principally aimed at helping each business in the network grow and establish a far greater market profile. Mark spent two days meeting with key people from the network.

For the second stage of this business development planning project, yBC has been asked to scope the development of a sophisticated engagement platform for the network. This would be carefully designed around the specific business needs and market context in which the company and its franchisees operate. It is likely that this new platform will be launched in Q1 2015.