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  • Lords London Brilliant Minds Showcase

    Create a Content Marketing Ecosystem – the Brilliant Minds Story

    Business Television News
    Many companies want to be engaged content marketing, but they are really producing the same old “thought leadership” pieces where they tell stories about their own products. The 2017 Brilliant Minds Lord’s Showcase in London shows how to create truly strategic content marketing.   Location: The Long Room, Lord’s Cricket, Ground Central London The 2017
  • YouTube advertising effectiveness

    YouTube advertising effectiveness > TV?

    Business Television News / Content Marketing
    As the convergence of TV and digital continues, Google now claims YouTube advertising effectiveness is greater than TV. Matt Brittin, Google’s top-ranking European executive, is set to unveil a report analysing ad campaigns across eight countries that show in 80% of cases YouTube ads were
  • Bernie and Next Gen Consumerization-

    Next Gen Consumerization – Sanders cracks millennial customers

    Business Television News / Consumerization / Smarter World
    The rise of Bernie Sanders, seemingly from nowhere came as no surprise to us at In our video about Next Gen Consumerization, our friends at the Leading Edge Forum made a number of predictions about how technology is changing the world. And in relation
  • Michael Wolff Digital TV

    Digital Television is the new Television

    Audience Development / Business Television News / Content Marketing / Storytelling
    In his new book Michael Wolff argues that digital media is becoming all about video and so digital television is the new television. Despite the hype of record digital media spend, Michael Wolff argues in his recent book Television is the new Television (2015), that digital has not bested good old fashioned TV. Instead digital media
  • Beyond Branded Content

    Beyond Branded Content (why branded content used to work)

    Business Television News / Content Marketing
    Douglas Holt in Harvard Business Review argues that Branded Content does not work anymore. Now brands have to compete directly with real entertainment.
  • Digital Chef TV

    Digital Chef stirs up consumer technology

    Business Television News / Content Marketing
    yBC works with CSC’s Leading Edge Forum to produce Jamie Oliver style TV shows about consumer technology. Lewis Richards, “The Digital Chef” runs Xperience Lab programmes to bring innovation and experience to enterprise.   LEF wanted to be able to open up elements of this incredible programme –
  • The Superstar Economy – Recruitment in the digital world

    Business Television News
    Animated video for digital and integrated recruitment company, Superstars, introduces a disruptive approach to staffing. Superstars Animation Feb 2015_V2 According to a survey by PwC, 73% of CEOs are concerned about finding the right skills to grow their business. This worry has risen dramatically over the past 5-10 years, as
  • Business TV: Sir Clive Woodward shares performance expertise for business

    Business Television News
    In yBC’s latest business TV interview, Rugby World Cup winning Head Coach Sir Clive Woodward OBE discusses leadership, winning teams, the 2012 Olympics, and working with Harvey Thorneycroft Ltd. With the England vs Fiji fixture set to open the Rugby World Cup on Friday, all rugby eyes are on England this week. The last
  • Bomb disposal expert talks risk, pressure, and business

    Business Television News
    Chris Hunter QGM discusses the intense pressure of bomb disposal, overcoming fear and how lessons learnt translate to the corporate world. Chris Hunter has had a remarkable career, for 17 years he has risked his life to safely diffuse bombs in the military. He has worked with the UK Special Forces and as an attachment
  • 250 influential hospitality executives in one place

    Business Television News
    Hospitality Channel completes list of 250 notable industry executives. yBC have been working in collaboration with Madison Mayfair to put together the Hospitality 250, a list of celebrating achievers, movers and shakers, and innovators in the hospitality industry. We
  • Richard Anderson discusses the need for change in Risk Management

    Business Television News
    Mapping conversations is key to understanding risk culture in organisations, according to Richard Anderson. Richard is Director of Anderson Risk, and both a current Director and former Chairman of the Institute of Risk Management. yBC and Anderson Risk have worked together to take Richard’s revolutionary approach to risk and develop a
  • Risk Culture is more than ticking boxes

    Business Television News
    Risk TV expert Mike Power says risk management needs to go beyond procedure and regulation. Professor Mike Power has worked in academia for more than 25 years and has served on boards and risk committees of wealth management and investment companies. As Professor of Accounting at
  • Igniting Digital Networks

    Business Television News
    World Cup winning managers. Fighter pilots. Mountain climbers. Formula 1 racing bosses. Harvey Thorneycroft Ltd has quite a stable of inspirational speakers. Specialising in unforgettable events and relationship development strategies, ex Rugby Pro Harvey Thorneycroft brings together world class personalities – each delivering ideas and strategies to motivate business leaders to higher levels of performance.
  • yBC interviews award winning expert in the field of Risk

    Business Television News
    yBC is pleased to have in Risk TV’s network of experts, an academic who has been awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Institute of Risk Management at the Global Risk Awards 2014. John Adams is Professor Emeritus at University College London, where he began working
  • Leveraging the Matrix

    Business Television News
    How LEF reimagined Wachowski Brothers 1999 classic to explain Digital Revolution 2 new scenes Serious business content tends to take a serious approach. Especially when your subject matter is the digital revolution – affecting the very existence of firms and by extension, the careers of management. However as Tim Washer of Comedy Central fame (and
  • Engagement platforms receive increased traffic

    Business Television News
    yBC reports significant improvement in traffic across engagement platforms for professional services client. yBC was able to demonstrate marked increases when a specialist professional services firm that it had been working with asked yBC to report back with the impact of work done to improve the firms engagement platforms. One of the key measures was traffic to
  • Business TV: First full day shoot for new Risk channel

    Business Television News
    yBC interviews experts on the topic of risk for new business TV channel. yBC has begun work on the first shows for the new online business TV channel that it is developing to host discussions around risk. The channel is currently called Risk TV, although the final title is to be confirmed. Last
  • It’s not rocket science, but it is

    Business Television News / Uncategorized
    yBC is helping fast growing technology company Rocket Fuel attract top talent to the business with a series of key talent attraction videos. Rocket Fuel is looking to attract top talent to strengthen its core team and help the company continue to develop and deliver sophisticated marketing technology solutions.
  • Digital conversations analysis at global summit in Berlin

    Business Television News
    yBC is joining a collection of expert speakers and business representatives at a global energy summit in Berlin early next week. yBC’s Mark Sinclair will be in Berlin to give a presentation on digital conversations and engagement to representatives from companies in the energy and resources sectors. Mark addressed a similar meeting last year, when he presented 
  • Business development planning on the East Coast

    Business Television News
    yBC has begun work on an exciting new business development planning project with a franchising organisation, focusing on business growth and online engagement. Earlier this week, yBC’s Mark Sinclair travelled to the East Coast of the US to meet with a franchising organisation and representatives of its extensive franchise network. Whilst in the US
  • yBC teams up with extreme adventurers

    Business Television News
    Fieri partners applies unique skills and experiences to business leadership and development. yBC is going to be working closely with Fieri partners, which offers business leadership and development training to companies in multiple sectors. Martin Hewitt is MD of
  • yBC works with global hospitality specialists in Paris

    Business Television News
    yBC is starting work on its next project with Horwath HTL, which will increase the global hospitality specialist’s business development content.   This weekend the yBC team from Hamburg, Brighton, and Bristol will converge on Paris to continue work with Horwath HTL and

    24 Hours in South America

    Business Television News
    Diligent Boardbooks is helping executives in South America run more efficient board meetings.   yBC is heading to South America as part of a project with global client Diligent Boardbooks. The team will be in Lima, Peru literally for 24 hours, to film interviews with two executives
  • New analytics platform for risk culture conversations

    Advanced Data Analytics / Business Television News / Uncategorized
    yBC has joined forces with Anderson Risk to help businesses analyse risk culture conversations. The yBC tech team have been working on a web application which will give organisations a new way to analyse their risk culture conversations. This exciting new project is in collaboration with
  • PwC tourism industry expert joins Hospitality Channel

    Business Television News
    PwC partner Nicolas Mayer shares his tourism industry expertise on the Hospitality Channel. Escalating tourism figures are a shock to the system Nicolas Mayer of PwC Switzerland is the latest tourism industry expert to be interviewed for yBC’s hospitality online business TV channel. PwC are an international professional services organisation with