Online business TV and the transformation of business development strategy

Online business tv is changing business development strategy in the way businesses generate demand and nurture new prospects.

With many organisations now developing their own business TV channel, watching video has become the primary way we use the internet. The statistics make the change in business development strategy clear. According to recent comScore online video rankings, in April 2012 in America alone there were 181 million internet users who watched a combined total of 37 billion online videos. So business tv makes sense as it is a formart both B2B and B2C customers prefer.


Business TV is the next best thing to face to face

Everyone is keeping budgets lean and trim. Graeme Codrington, futurist and founder of TomorrowToday is right in his assessment that where face-to-face interaction isn’t possible, video is the next best thing. With stricter budgets and more demand to hit targets its not always possible to travel to generate new business, but with online video it is possible to bring in new customers using technology and connectivity in new, innovative ways.

Multiple uses of online video

Bob Barker, VP of Corporate Marketing and Digital Media, explains the multiple uses for online video. Any sensible marketing strategy now has to include video in their business development. Video can be sent in emails, with viewing metrics measurable through Wistia, MailChimp, and YouTube, amongst others. You can see, before contacting a prospective client, how interested they are in your product or service. Video can also be used for training, syndication, and as part of making websites more engaging.

YouTube and the changing nature of communication

Russ Shaw, the Chairman of the Global Marketing Institute of Great Britain explains that video has changed the say the world communicates. If you can create your own, or have produced, some high quality business content around your brand, product or service, then you have an advantage. Most internet users have spent some time on the popular video sharing website, YouTube, which is owned by Google. YouTube consistently comes top in comScore rankings globally, often followed by Facebook, Yahoo!, VEVO, and Microsoft owned sites.

Using online business tv for business development TV

With viewers of online video on the rise more people are being exposed to video advertising. Don Peppers, co-Founder of Peppers & Rogers, argues that video is the engagement enabler – nothing can compete online with the power of a well-crafted video. Video is now essential for business development and digital PR. According to comScore 64% of the UK online consumer audience were exposed to video ads in January 2012. The potential this medium has for generating new business in an increasingly competitive marketplace is enormous.