Loyalty Cards and Rewards in a world of big data

Have the methods and mechanics of personal targeting of products and services changed?

Business TV Shows to feature Delta Force Officer James Reese

Delta Force Officer and Tiger Swan CEO James Reese to appear in new business tv shows in conjunction with Saffron Technology

Redefining Data Analytics in a Brave New World

Data analytics has come a long way. Though there is still a long journey ahead, we can now see the road. In this video blog, Big Data Analytics expert Manny Aparicio of Saffron Technology explains why the old approaches to standardisation and business intelligence no longer work. Instead we need data analytics tools that work
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Big data analytics, Moneyball, MIT and corporate treasure

Moneyball is not a lesson in statistics but a lesson in Business Intelligence. Could Big Data analytics be Moneyball 2.0?

Big Data + Energy Challenges bring new business TV focus

Since December yBC has conducted three new interviews which take our Business Intelligence focus in to the Energy Space. First we spoke with Sammy Haroon, adviser to our client Saffron Technology and the Organiser of the GE Energy Innovation Summit (video below). We are working with Sammy to create shows about how data can be
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Business doesn’t get more intelligent than this

It seems that all of a sudden key decision makers and analysts in the corporate world are focusing more than ever before on something called “big data”.  To the uninitiated, it’s the industry of very clever, very technical and experienced people who are concerning themselves with how large enterprises can make the most sense of
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Our new client can help you read 50,000 times faster

One day you may rely on a computer to read information for you, just as you rely on your calculator to do maths. That’s if our new client Saffron Technology has anything to do with it. Saffron is a pioneer in associative memory, a data-analytics tool that’s being heralded as “Google for the database”. In
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yBC Insight tackles industry issues

This month, we’re in the midst of a very interesting research project for an industry organisation based in Brussels. It involves listening in online to gather intelligence related to their issues – and the early results suggest it’s going to get them a whole lot of information they aren’t getting from any other source.