yBC Insight tackles industry issues

This month, we’re in the midst of a very interesting research project for an industry organisation based in Brussels. It involves listening in online to gather intelligence related to their issues – and the early results suggest it’s going to get them a whole lot of information they aren’t getting from any other source.

ROI guarantee goes to the heart of the matter

Are you a marketer or business leader who’s sitting on the fence about social media? Engaged but not investing? I’ve got a challenge for you. What if yBC.tv were prepared to guarantee positive ROI for all significant editorial and 1:1 marketing campaigns you do with us? Would that help? At yBC.tv we’ve been having some
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1:1 video sales tool achieving high response rates

Recently yBC.tv reviewed our performance to generate some data for a pitch. There is one sales statistic that stood out – 40%. That’s the open rate so far for DM emails containing video content presented our VIP player, which we are trialling internally and with a couple of PLCs in the B2B space. We are
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Leverage your experts to build brand, demand

Is thought leadership key to your marketing strategy? Are your thought leaders ambitious but time poor? Our experience working with some of the biggest names in business confirms that publishing intelligent, independent, video content into business networks generating massive visibility – much more than traditional models. And conveniently, the format means in house experts don’t
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