New Opportunities In New Information Flows

With so many conversations going on in social networks and on blogs companies are having a hard time keeping up with the new information flows. Doing this will become key to using big data tools effectively, and marketing to your customers better than the competition. We have three experts in the changing nature of information
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The digital generation

Stan Rapp. Markus Becker and Don Peppers discuss the impact on business

Retaining exclusivity in the digital age

Adam Moralle on the challenge for brands to widen services and deepen relationships.

He or she who exploits the data wins

Technology boss Gayle Sheppard explains the opportunity with data and analytics.

Digital lifestyle redefining hotel luxury

Playing to the digital nomads has redefined value.

UK world leader in digital marketing

John Paleomylites of explains

World wide web: friend and enemy

Ramona Mehta explains how to use social media to win the reputation fight back.