Business TV Shows to feature Delta Force Officer James Reese

Business TV Shows Feature: Thanks to our relationship with Saffron Technology, a company specializing in advanced data analytics tools for business and national security, yourBusinessChannel had the honour of interviewing a genuine rising star of American business last month.

Decorated combat leader and Special Operations and Delta Force Officer James Reese was selected by the Secretary of Defense after 9/11 to serve as the military advisor for Special Operations to the Director of the CIA on planning and preparation for operation “Enduring Freedom.”

Reese is now CEO of Tiger Swan – based close to Saffron in North Carolina. Since retirement from the military, Reese has led Tiger Swan from a two person, small business, to an international ‘Global Stability Company‘ with 250 personnel worldwide. (See interview below with Dan Rather). We interviewed Reese on location in North Carolina for a new set of business tv shows in the data analytics and risk intelligence space.

James Reese has made a career protecting American national security and hunting for ‘bad guys’ using sophisticated intelligence tools and techniques.

Now traveling the world, Reese is heading up new initiatives to bring military grade intelligence to businesses seeking to operate in emerging or semi permissive economies which have higher risk profiles.

The business TV shows will form part of a new digital marketing and business development initiative… details to follow.