Connected Economy TV is not simply another blog about things social or digital. It’s a business tv channel about the new industrial revolution – driven by digitisation – which is changing how we work, live and play. According to experts like MIT’s Andrew McAfee, we are only at the beginning of this connection revolution – and as machine intelligence and computational power grows, the pace of disruption will increase. We are seeing this disruption all around us – in retail, in work, in business.

During the information age competitive advantage was created by business efficiency and intelligent use of the data. This kind of thinking still dominates corporates today.

But now the world has gone networked. We are living in one of the most incredible ages that mankind has ever seen. So we call it the connected economy as more than ever before people are connected to each other, through their mobile devices, through the fact that there is pervasive connectivity throughout the world.  So we are living in a world where connectedness is ubiquitous.

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