Digital marketing with business videoyBC helps organisations leverage online video – the most popular internet content format – for digital marketing.

We help them both to create engaging business tv content, as well as to share the content online to build digital networks and engagement.

yBC is the brainchild of business development experts Mark Sinclair and James Kirk.

Almost a decade ago, via their work in traditional PR and corporate events,  the pair realised that there was growing opportunity to use high quality business video for digital marketing.

Even before increasing energy prices and the Global Financial Crisis focussed companies on ‘doing more with less’, broadband presented a better way to deliver high impact video content versus television and the traditional corporate video.

And as they developed their thinking, and the Web 2.0 revolution took hold, it also became clear that the combination of online video and online communities would have huge implications for business communications.

In 2005, drawing on many years’ experience in corporate communications and business, they created yourBusinessChannel, to offer “no-nonsense business advice, guidance and counsel” to business people “with an entrepreneurial mindset” the world over.

They launched the business as a complement to traditional sales and marketing activity – enabling clients to enjoy accelerated results by leveraging highly scalable, low cost opportunities online.

In the last few years, the advent and then very fast mainstream adoption of social networks, web apps and mind-boggling social technology has meant that the digital marketing landscape has changed significantly.

While yBC still focusses on bringing the latest thinking, tools and technology to its viewers, the stakes are higher than ever: clever businesses which harness the latest technology and the social web in the right way can do very well indeed. And if they get it right, they can literally take their industry by surprise.

A digital catalyst – helping you an audience via digital PR

A YouTube partner, we have worked with some of the world’s biggest brands as well as celebrated experts to create a catalogue of over 9500 punchy, informative online tv shows – each offering the audience nuggets of insight, and enhancing the reputation of the businesses involved.

yBC’s business television content reaches businesspeople via both the dedicated channel websites we create, as well as directly via the websites of our clients and partners. In collaboration, we grow these digital networks via social media, Digital PR, email marketing, search engine marketing and online advertising – as well as traditional promotion.

yBC content has achieved millions of views with client sites, YouTube, syndicating partner sites, including major newspapers, social networks, high traffic blogs, subject matter portals, commentators and more.

In 2013 we will be further expanding with the launch of a number of niche channels focused on industry and specialised subject areas

Digital Marketing Consulting (a.k.a. the answer to “what is your business model?”)


We’re often asked how we make our money. On the face of it, yBC produces literally thousands of high quality shows and distributes them globally, free.

yBC’s primary source of revenue comes from digital marketing consulting. We have two categories of clients. The first is enterprise level companies who are looking for digital marketing strategy and social media advice, as well as focussed implementation to help them achieve exciting things.

The second category of client are smaller organisations, right down to individual business experts, looking at highly efficient forms of digital marketing like blogging, social networking and online collaboration to build their digital PR.

Our specialty is in accelerating results for our clients – be it visibility, connected-ness, sales or business development.

We guarantee ROI for all major projects we undertake (announcement here) and have successfully delivered projects to meet a wide range of objectives, from personal and company brand building through to sales support and strategic business development.

In the latter space yBC is currently working closely with a number of organisations to establish and develop sales channels using video content – a combination of engaging, high quality editorial, strategic partnerships, a sophisticated delivery platform, and the right distribution and promotion to ensure the content reaches the right people.

As social media becomes increasingly mainstream we are undertaking increasingly complex digital marketing projects, and delivering measurable results.

And our founders are also increasingly in demand as speakers who can demystify social media and digital PR for business audiences.

To talk to us about any other aspect of yBC, please get in touch with us at here.