Mark Sinclair, Founder
Mark is the co-founder of yourBusinessChannel(yBC), which was created with James Kirk to deliver no-nonsense business advice through video and social platforms. Mark is responsible for the commercial & consultancy side of the business, delivering on key client accounts. Mark draws from decades of marketing and business development experience and uses his expertise to deliver on a wide range of marketing projects for clients of all different sizes.
James Kirk, Founder, Executive Producer
James Kirk co-founded yourBusinessChannel(yBC) in 2005 with Mark. James is responsible for the strategic focus of the company, and overseeing all technical production and creative content for clients marketing needs. James is the head of technical and video production, directing the team on all film production projects for our clients.
Edit Team
George Laycock, Miklós Hadházi and others make up our specialist editing team for yBC online video content. The team create graphics, working in FCP, After Effects, Motion, Photoshop, and produce video content for the web.

György Ádám, Creative Director

George produces creative treatments for yBC video content. He is an expert at shooting live action and combining with animation.
Tom Mansfield avatar
Camera Ops
Tom Mansfield is a multi-award winning director of photography. He is a longstading member of our wide team of Camera Operators. This team capture great footage for yBC at business conferences, studio shoots, interviews, and out at amazing locations. Other team members include Miles Stowey, Ryan Blackwood, Rich Peart and others.
Dale Stevenson, Web Development
Dale is an expert in customising the WordPress platform. Dale produces the websites our clients need to anchor their digital media strategies, and integrates the platform with analytical tools and web apps suitable to their requirements.
Development Team
Our experienced development team; Sam Taylor, Simon Smith and more, produce brand new websites and assist with maintaining and updating of client websites. They are excellent problem solvers and have a good knowledge of a variety of platforms and coding.
Brigitte Nicolas avatar

Brigitte Nicolas, Digital Production Manager

Brigitte manages digital content on client and yBC websites as well as publishing content to social media channels.
Laura Shepherd, Graphic Designer
Laura works on graphic design for yBC, focussing on animated visuals, identities and logos, new website designs, campaign visuals and info graphics.

Alice Sinclair, Digital Production Manager

Alice project manages across our video production and website projects.
The yBC team has grown considerably over the past few years and now also includes a number of other other team members in these areas:
Web & App Development
Animation and graphics