yBC offers a proprietary eLearning platform for clients and partners.  Current examples include in the B2B training space – LinkedIn training for corporates – and corporate wellness.

Our eLearning platform is mobile ready and can be deployed swiftly to deliver an agreed training programme or other digital products.

yBC eLearning platform

yBC’s proprietary LMS (learning management system) built on a flexible, responsive platform. We can deploy this for you swiftly, delivering anything from an exclusive executive eLearning Platform to buy-and-learn training for individuals.

Joint digital products

All of the work we do is about helping clients to communicate more powerfully, leverage great technology, reach more people and get better business results. Our digital expertise includes creating engaging videos, combining digital tools and platforms, building websites and promoting things powerfully. Which makes us a great partner for joint digital products.

We choose our partners for joint digital products carefully. They are generally world-class at what they do, they come very highly recommended by their existing clients, and they want to reach significantly more people. So we work collaboratively on digital products (e.g, an eLearning Platform) which help them to do just that.