Focus on ROI makes marketing with a no brainer

Once people thought the world was flat. Today, in our part of the world at least, they’re struggling to put budget into online campaigns, despite evidence that they can really work. We sympathise. That’s why we’re guaranteeing positive ROI for all significant projects with clients.

That means every client can be assured of achieving positive ROI for significant editorial and 1:1 marketing campaigns they do with us. If a campaign doesn’t deliver, we’ll reduce our fees accordingly.

Our aim is to encourage even more companies to take the plunge, without risking it all. So now, questions such as “will it work?”, “why should I change what I’m doing?” and “isn’t this a time to be conservative right now?” become irrelevant.

So now there really is no risk, only the potential of reward. The obvious question is when do we start?

To learn more about our positive ROI guarantee, get in touch with us.