Follow the smart marketing money

When budgets are tight, results matter. While champions of every marketing method will tell you they can get results, the truth is that social media can get you those results quicker and more cost effectively.

Internationally, the big trend is for advertisers to move dollars online – all the analysts are in agreement on this point. Not only is online where customers are, companies can achieve more there for less money. This last point that is driving the trend.

Here are a few big ticket marketing items you don’t pay for if you adopt a social media strategy like the kind we create at airtime, advertising space, printing, design.

Here are a few of the things you do get, which give your campaign greater chances of success: real time feedback, the ability to evolve and improve your campaign as it rolls out, a high degree of trackability and detailed measurement of the results.

The new world of marketing and PR offers cost-effective opportunity for companies to massively increase their profile and generate demand for what they offer. To know if you could be one of them, you need to accept three things.

  • You need to believe your audience is online
  • You need to believe your audience is interested in engaging with information about your product or service online
  • You need to believe you can tell your story

What do you think? If you accept these three fundamentals, then it makes sense to explore working with experts to create content for distribution to a mass audience via social media, email to targeted individuals, and showcase on your website. Web content could be the weapon you need to drive sales and marketing for your business.