Google goes social: Business TV shows explore Frontier of social business strategy

Since the launch of Google+ there has been all kinds of uniformed comment about Google’s social business strategy. Google+ already claims 75 million active users (Jeff Bullas) – but detractors argue that G+ is an ’empty network’ when seen simply as a rival to Facebook. This misperception makes it difficult for CEO’s to understand the significance of Google’s move to social and the urgency for a integrated social business strategy.

With its dominant position in search and PPC advertising, CMO’s already pay a lot of attention to Google, but social marketing strategy is typically focused around popular platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Cloud + social + mobile = the age of social business

At Frontier Coaching‘s event at Google London last week, over 100 business people heard how the convergence of cloud, social and mobile means the age of social business has arrived. And the consequences for business are likely to be even greater the the first e-business revolution of the 90s.

Frontier is a new business venture from longtime yourBusinessChannel client and former Alterian CMO Bob Barker and involves other social media experts like Thomas Power. Their goal is to help CEO’s understand how to shift to digital thinking and weave social through their business development strategy.

Play, Work, Engage, Empower – Google’s Social Business Strategy

According to Bob Barker, you need to see Google+ not as a social network like Facebook, but as one part of an entire social media infrastructure (see infographic).

There are number of social media platforms that can help a business make the digital journey – but none has a people centric social network at its core like Google.

Gmail and now Google+ is the key to identity management, and since Panda and other algorithm updates, G+ is also critical to search. Google judges your standing as an expert, or your standing as a brand based on the content you create, and the circles you build. Even more than that, Google understands the context of every interaction. Maps, email, video, mobile, social, local, docs, images etc. This more than social marketing on Facebook. This requires a true social business strategy in terms of how people work together, how you engage with customers, and how you empower the business to move forward.

For this new venture yourBusinessChannel was commissioned by Frontier to create a new wordpress website – built in only three days via our rapid site development capability.

In the next creation phase, Frontier organised a shoot at Google in London, to capture and create a series of engaging business TV shows, documenting what executives need to understand as Google goes social – and how to develop a holistic social business strategy.