YouTube advertising effectiveness

YouTube advertising effectiveness > TV?

As the convergence of TV and digital continues, Google now claims YouTube advertising effectiveness is greater than TV.

YouTube advertising effectiveness
Google claims YouTube ads are more effective than TV

Matt Brittin, Google’s top-ranking European executive, is set to unveil a report analysing ad campaigns across eight countries that show in 80% of cases YouTube ads were far more effective than TV ads in driving sales.

Needless to say the TV moguls don’t agree…

Thinkbox, the TV marketing body that counts ITV, Channel 4 and Sky as members, said the YouTube analysis “misses the point” of TV advertising. “The true value of TV advertising is not just its return on investment [getting people to buy stuff], but that it achieves the best return on investment at the highest levels of investment,” said Thinkbox research and planning director Matt Hill. “TV builds brands better than anything else and creates the most profit.”

Our view is that TV and digital continue to converge regardless – especially as the likes of YouTube make efforts to offer the top-quality drama and entertainment that can build high value audiences.

The key point is not whether YouTube advertising effectiveness is greater than TV, but whether you are building your own high value audiences with effective content marketing.