Helping PR stay current

Keeping on top of the “stakeholder communications” brief means most PR practitioners are quietly adapting their skill set and market offer to deal with the hard fact that their clients’ important stakeholders spend a significant amount of time online. One of the most high profile examples of course is Edelman, which now advocates engaging with four “media” – traditional, new, social networks, and inhouse channels that turn every company into a media company*.
While creating a big inhouse digital service is one approach to covering today’s four areas, agencies to have another option – partnering with experts.

yourBusinessChannel is hearing from PR practitioners who know they need to adapt and expand what they do, but are looking for external help. This is an area we are very keen to explore as well.

So far, there are a few obvious ways yBC can help PR agencies meet clients’ expectations and grow their businesses, although new ways will no doubt emerge. These are:

  • High value editorial video, branded yourBusinessChannel, for client sites and distribution over social media.
  • Clever tools like the VIP player which enable 1:1 marketing that’s also fully trackable.
  • Designing and building digital brands for key individuals
  • yBC Insight social media monitoring and measuring service.

yBC’s expertise are particularly suited to b2b clients who want to leverage their marketing investment into sales results. We can help you create high value video editorial and take it direct to your client’s audience, either through mass distribution online or a targeted 1:1 approach that exploits new networking opportunities.

If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch. We’re looking forward to talking …

*View this article here.