Horses for courses

Recently we interviewed web marketing expert Jeff Molander. He has some strong views about “wasted” social media investment and over the course of the interview I realised why. Because he comes from a DM marketing background he expects actions to product measurable results. No wonder he thinks the advertising people who seek to engage via spectacle lack rigour.

For me it was a clear illustration that as a client you can buy whatever you want on the web, done by whatever kind of marketing expert, using all manner of success criteria. So what do you get if you buy yourBusinessChannel?

Overall, I would argue our social media product is very closely tied to our roots in traditional PR and sales support. It’s obvious when you look at the approach we take.

    1. We create compelling video stories about our clients and distribute them to a mass audience over popular social media. (It’s PR reconfigured for the digital age.)
    2. Or we create compelling videos about our clients that have a specific focus and target the content to individuals, delivering them on our VIP player which enables intimate results tracking. (That’s DM reconfigured for the digital age.)

What’s new (and we’d say exciting) about yBC is the delivery medium – the internet – and the economies, reach and immediacy that enables. The principles being applied have their roots in the PR and DM building blocks that have been delivering results offline for decades.

So while it’s tempting to talk about a social media revolution, in yBC’s case “evolution” might actually be closer to the truth.