How Artificial Intelligence can save the markets (and our jobs)

In a world where volatility is the new reality, the past is no longer useful in predicting the future. 
We need to get comfortable with extreme events and rapid change. AI can help us to be cleverer and safely navigate a risky world.

Julie Meyer, CEO, Ariadne Capital and Dragons’ Den
Adam Morallee, Mishcon de Reya
Dr Paul Hofmann, VP Research SAP Labs

Sammy Haroon, Consultant, GE Energy

Keith Holdt, Swiss Post Solutions

Dr Manny Aparicio, Saffron Technology

Gayle Sheppard, Saffron Technology

Jasper Berens, JP Morgan Asset Management

Neil Evans, Head of solutions and sales, Occam DM


* Why the past is no longer useful to forecast the future

* How the US military used new sorts of AI that can read 500,000 times faster including to help fight IEDs in Iraq

* How companies can now use new military style intelligence like ‘Situational Awareness’ to make decisions in real time

* How AI can help anticipate future

* How you can use AI to increase sales and anticipate churn

* How to use AI to be clever like Amazon or Apple even if you only sell toothpaste