How much did your accounting firm spend on marketing last year?

If you wonder if you could have spent that money smarter read on.

If you’re a typical accounting firm chances are you invested your marketing budget in traditional activities – perhaps hospitality, events, collateral and perhaps some PR and advertising in traditional media. If this is the case, you are ignoring the biggest pool of potential clients.

Your clients are using search and social media to research and evaluate you and your competitors. Are you doing everything you can to make sure you’re in the game?

In this context having a website that reads like a brochure isn’t enough. You need to have a web presence that presents your firm and your partners as experts to potential clients. Relationships still matter, but it’s not just who you know that’s important. In today’s it’s more important is who knows you.

How quickly would a client find you if they were researching an accounting issue online? are experts in helping professional services firms negotiate this new world in a way that builds corporate and individual reputation and generates new business. We know that generating new business is a pressing objective – it’s not only something we can deliver, but we can also measure it in detail.