How video eBook trumped whitepaper

I blogged recently about a case study series I’d read from Marketing Sherpa that showed how companies are using social media to generate sales leads. I’ve been saving one particular example from that series because it cuts to the heart of what we do at

Here’s the story. A networking communications company repackaged a technical whitepaper as a video eBook, hoping to turn a dry read into a more compelling story without compromising the information. The final product featured video clips of company experts providing commentary and customer examples and took a starring role in several lead generation campaigns.

If you’ve been tracking the rise of video consumption online, you may not be surprised by what happened next.

  • The eBook attracted 8 times as many readers as the downloadable white paper.
  • 65% of all microsite visitors viewed it.
  • The average viewer spent 8 minutes interacting with it.
  • Responses to the DM campaign were 80% about expectation, a great result when you understand that the target was the hard-to-reach C-suite.

Suffice to say this team says it’s now looking for more opportunities to use video to tell their story.
See the original article here.