If your brand and expertise are so impressive, why doesn’t Google rank you?

You are a big city law firm with impressive credentials and partners who are leaders in their fields. These facts are reflected everywhere – in your offices, your stationary, your marketing collateral. But what about on Google?

If your firm wants to be recognised and endorsed as a player in the industry, it’s imperative you build a presence in influential business and legal communities online – creating and reinforcing the right impression with clients who are inclined to use Google demands it.

Where would your firm and your experts appear if a client Googled their pain point?

If you read anything about the internet today you’ll know the big trend is engagement. A brochure-ware internet presence isn’t enough. For a professional services firm, attracting new clients means being in the right place at the right time with an intelligent message. Because people research products and services online, the right place is increasingly professionally-oriented social media, influential blogs and forums.

By creating independent video editorial and distributing it online, you can build a brand presence online, tell your story, and build the profile and reputation of your key people. What’s more, because video is such a easy format you will be able to post content in multiple places and use it to drive traffic back to your site.