James Potter, The LinkedIn Man

James Potter, The LinkedIn Man, started using LinkedIn when he was in corporate life as a UK Sales Director. LinkedIn enabled James to get build relationships, remind clients of breadth of value, and get engagements worth over £10 million in sales. So he decided to launch his own LinkedIn consultancy in the UK, giving strategic business advice. He has given business development advice to help companies of all sizes from leading corporations such as IBM and Dell to small businesses across the UK, Europe and wider afield. Understand how working with social media, and more specifically LinkedIn, can have a dramatic impact on your business.

A selection of videos from James:

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He is pragmatic with a proven track record in networking, consulting and generating new business. His company mentors, trains and develops the expertise within your own staff to take the business forward using LinkedIn.

His consultancy has operated in over 40 countries in the last year alone, and is working with companies from one person to the top five organisations in the world. James works with yBC on strategic projects, supporting the companies clients and growth.

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