Loyalty Cards and Rewards in a world of big data


Businesses want customers to buy, to keep coming to buy again and again, and to spread love about the experience. One of the ways of doing that – and it has been this way for some time now – is to first target the right audience, use data to personalize their shopping experience, use loyalty cards, launch reward programs, etc.

How is Internet changing this tradition of making customers come back for more? Are businesses using loyalty card data to exploit customers? Have the methods and mechanics of personal targeting, building customer loyalty, and personalization of products and services changed? Apparently, our experts are confident about it.

Check out what they have to say about retail best practices, loyalty programs, reward programs, customer loyalty, etc.

Comments and views include those of:

  • Internet Brings Personal Targeting: Pat Martell, Chief Executive, St Ives Group
  • Loyalty Card Data Exploitation: Dr. Manuel Aparicio, Co-founder and CEO, Saffron Technology
  • Real time Informed Action: Keith Holdt, Investment Director, Lloyds Development Capital
  • Technology Brings Personalization: Nick Cole, MD, SP Group