Omni Channel Retailing


With the sweeping change that Internet and related technology brings in, businesses face a level of complexity that’s hitherto unseen. Rising volumes of conversations, multi-varied threads of communication, increasing number of channels, and layers of complexity related to every mode of communication with customers has thrown up new challenges that businesses have to face today.

Omni channel retailing is offline communications, online communications, multiple touch points for interaction available for customers – needs no further explanation, does it?

Social networking pushes in a new era of customer engagement. Businesses have to manage conversations, get the right message out at the right moment, syncing with the general trends, and lots more.

So, how complex is it? How do businesses work their way around this smorgasbord of communication spiral? Here are a few thoughts and comments from our experts including:

  • Managing Channel Complexity to Streamline Communications: Mark Robertson, EMM Channel Manager, IBM UK
  • Online and Offline Customer Communications: Kenyon Neads, UK Marketing Director, Subaru UK
  • Print Media complimented By Digital: Pat Martell, Chief Executive, St Ives Group
  • Unstructured Data: Keith Holdt, Investment Director, Lloyds Development Capital