Online business video inmidtown

Online business video puts midtown in the spotlight

There’s nothing quite like a challenging brief for an online business video.

So when yBC was asked to produce a 90 second piece which would help put midtown (London) firmly on the map, we leapt at the opportunity.

Business improvement district inmidtown was looking for an online business video which could be used in multiple formats to showcase what the area has to offer. The challenge with the brief is that the area in question, covering Bloomsbury, Holborn and St Giles in Central London, offers a vibrant array of history, attractions, destinations and business, which is almost impossible to encapsulate in just 90 seconds.

The team worked on a detailed plan for a muti-day shoot and sent two teams to capture stories with business video of the area to meet the brief. The result, seen here, is a carefully edited video which showcases midtown and celebrates many of the reasons that people should visit and enjoy the area.