Online engagement strategies Budapest

Online engagement strategies presented in Budapest

yBC’s Mark Sinclair was invited to share online engagement strategies with a keen audience in Budapest last week.

The presentation took place on the second day of a mining industry conference, which brought together hundreds of key executives from global mining companies, along with executives from some of the biggest consumers of the minerals they mine.

The industry has become increasingly interested in online engagement strategies given a sharp rise in anti-development campaigns around the world. yBC was asked to provide a top level analysis of campaigns and propose strategies to bring a level of balance to the overall conversation about mining and resources.

Mark’s presentation looked at some general principals and included analysis that yBC had undertaken of conversations taking place across over a thousand platforms. He also focused on the work yourBusinessChannel has recently undertaken in Australia. This includes some detailed analysis where the impact of online engagement strategies were measured directly against the effectiveness of more traditional means of communication, such as advertising in newspapers. The conference always ends with a panel discussion covering the most pressing issues of the day, and this year Mark was asked to return at the end of the conference for a Q&A session focusing on the work he had presented.