Planning for the future

It’s not unusual to have numerous financial planning experts in the City of London on one day.  After all, many of the world’s leading authorities on financial planning and more generally financial services are based within a square mile, thanks to London City’s town planning, or perhaps lack of it.  But it is quite significant to have a dozen or so such experts in one room over the course of a day.

That’s exactly what yBC is doing early next month, as the foundation interviewees for a new channel focusing on financial planning are being interviewed.  The yBC team has been putting together the first few dozen interviews which will form the launch of the Financial Planning Channel, a collaboration between yBC and the Institute of Financial Planning.

While financial planning may be dull to some and a headache to others, the need for careful future planning of finances is becoming stronger as the UK’s population ages and reliance on support from the state become far less realistic.  The Financial Planning Channel will focus on a number of issues which the industry is focusing on in 2012 and beyond.  Watch this space for more information.