Bridging the technology and communications gap to consumers, allies and stakeholders

yBC’s engagement platform is a flexible solution combining digital tools, powerful editorial content and publishing channels, integrated social media, and networks of digital allies to help you reach the right people and engage with them. Read about our proprietary five step process.


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  • Digital Content Creation
  • Particpation in yBC shooting daysParticipation in existing yBC shooting days, subject to availability
  • Featured in collaborative contentGain profile in our industry feature content
  • Company Shooting daysCapture critical content from your company, clients, industry or networks
  • Feature documentaries/animationsBespoke feature content for your audiences
  • Content CampaignsDevelop bespoke content campaigns for your audiences
  • Industry content channelDedicated content portal for campaigns
  • Managed Social promotionContent & engagement campaigns on critical social media channels
  • Stakeholders, networks & alliances
  • Social collaborationTake advantage of yBC social promotion
  • Collaboration with yBC networkCo-promotion via yBC strategic partners.
  • Influencers & Alliance OutreachCollaborate with influencers and form strategic alliances
  • Industry stakeholder networkBuild your own bespoke industry stakeholder network
  • Engagement Platform
  • yBC content appsEmbeddable players for content distribution
  • Content portalDigital content libraries for curation and sharing
  • Bespoke channel siteDestination site to support content campaigns or e-products
  • eLearningBespoke digital eLearning development & portal
  • eProductBespoke digital apps / products
  • Measure & Understand
  • Engagement AnalyticsMeasure audience engagement
  • Channel dashboardSingle dashboard view of engagement across all channels
  • Industry AnalyticsMonitoring of engagement and trends across your industry



Benefit from our engagement platform and collaboration network.

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Build digital networks and achieve deeper engagement.

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Build digital networks across your industry.

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We offer entry level access to yBC’s engagement platform at no cost to carefully selected collaboration partners. Collaborate will be offered to anyone who brings the right mix of subject matter expertise, editorial potential, existing established networks and a desire to collaborate with yBC ongoing. Note that there are limitations/restrictions with Collaborate.

Pricing for our Professional, Corporate and Industry level engagement platforms is determined by multiple dependencies, including: business objectives, size and scale of your existing network, frequency of communications, online learning requirements, number of licences needed, state of existing digital platforms, existing social connectivity, logistical/geographic ease of shoots, and more. Pricing generally involves a one-off establishment fee, followed by monthly payments starting in the low thousands of dollars. Please contact us so that we can explore options further with you.