Brilliant Minds Briefings

Unique, valuable and highly engaging video content featuring well-known business personalities, high-performance experts, elite sports people, well-regarded academics and commentators and other subject matter experts.  The wide range of pre-existing content allows you to select what is most relevant for your contacts.  Regular, professionally written e-mail campaigns allow you to include written content related to the video content combined with your own key messages.  Advanced analytics can track effectiveness.


  • Produced to broadcast TV standard.
  • A significant library of content available covering a wide range of topics proven to be engaging and unique.
  • Pre-existing playlists selected to align with your communications needs.
  • Proven to be highly engaging and effective.
  • Cloud hosted on secure, reliable, web platform.
  • Drawing on the most up to date best-in-class practices, and drawing on the UI experience of the most engaging and visited websites, globally.
  • Minimum impact on your internal resources – this is managed end-to-end by our team.
  • Responsive design and platform: optimised for all devices including smartphones.
  • Excellent underlying analytics.