Buyer Persona Triangulation

Every ambitious business wants to connect with more of the right people, strengthen existing relationships and increase understanding of target markets. Imagine if you could expand your networks well beyond their existing limitations, increase engagement to high levels and gain insights about and even introductions into your target market at unprecedented levels. Imagine no more.

Buyer Persona Triangulation is a unique and proven methodology, developed by the yBC team over the last decade, to bring you all of this seamlessly, and hands-free (for you). Even if you think you “understand” your target market(s) well, Buyer Persona Triangulation is very likely to deliver insights, connection and engagement at levels you could not achieve on your own.

This service has three distinct elements. First, Research & Validation: build wider and deeper networks into the very markets you are targeting. Second, Outreach and Relationship Building: develop unique, meaningful and advantageous relationships with those in your network. Third, Partner Programmes: identify and engage with strategic partners, leveraging your shared interests, to amplify reach into target markets.


  • The service is designed to be largely “hands free” for your team, meaning that you can concentrate on your core business
  • Open doors to relationships and networks which you might otherwise struggle to access
  • Unique process of research, data building and validation, completely managed by the yBC team
  • Outreach campaign which is systematic and based upon relevance to the target audience
  • The service works on building enduring relationships with decision makers and influencers within the identified target markets
  • Relationships are built and strengthened based on real, tangible benefit to people in your growing network
  • The service aligns perfectly with yBC’s Bingeworthy Content Series service, or with many of its video based products
  • Leverage the power of a completely non-salesy approach to connecting with people, whilst at the same time identifying qualified sales leads
  • Ability to build strong and meaningful partnerships with other businesses focussed on the same target markets, including those who might eventually resell your product or service for you
  • Partner programmes tend to be bedded in long term, with ongoing benefits flowing to all involved – creating real value in the partnership
  • Full compliance with data protection and privacy laws
  • yBC’s BPT team uses best-in-class cloud based platforms for research, data management and contact campaigns