Digital consultancy services

Audience development strategy

Video is no longer the “secret weapon” of digital – the cat is well and truly out of the bag.  But GOOD video (engaging, appropriate, relevant and well produced) is still surprisingly hard to come by.  That’s why we now offer channel development strategy services to clients.

As people are bombarded by more and more information, it has become increasingly important that the content you produce engages them.  Our team has a range of engagement specialists encompassing strategy, digital design, storytelling, video capture, video editing and infographics.  We can work closely with you and your colleagues to define the most engaging way to ensure your content resonates with all key audiences you want to appeal to.

One technique which works really well is to develop channels of content which can be used in multiple places and over a reasonable period of time, and which features key figureheads from the business.  Channels can be niche and small at one end of the spectrum, or they can be pan-industry and broad-reaching at the other.  Both have their advantages.


  • Video channel design consultancy – including concept development, graphic identity and planning.
  • Shoot logistics including scheduling, technical site checks, direction on the day.
  • A full suite of experienced engagement consulting and implementation services available.
  • Experienced practitioners who consistently get results for clients.
  • Our ethos is focussed on positive outcomes, best practice and pragmatism.
  • Digital assets and platforms delivered swiftly and concisely.
  • The latest techniques and platforms included.
  • Low impact on your marketing/PR team and internal resources.