Immersive, VR & 360 Video

Immersive Video is a relatively new development in the world of video and currently only used by the most innovative companies for business purposes. Immersive video includes recently emerged formats (for example 360 degree video and virtual reality).  This option is great for businesses wanting to create maximum impact and wishing to differentiate themselves from others in the market. Proven to be extremely engaging across all industries. An Immersive Video can be produced as a standalone product, or as part of a broader digital package.


  • Variety of potential formats (with new formats emerging monthly).
  • Perfect for organisations wanting to stand out.
  • All about the user experience.
  • Can be coupled with specific user technologies (eg smartphones, or virtual reality headset for best effect).
  • Video is proven to be the most engaging digital format for a B2B audience, right across the spectrum of seniority, role, industry, and background.
  • Excellent underlying analytics.
  • Minimum impact on your internal resources – this product is managed end-to-end by our team (including seamless delivery of the final Virtual Reality experience, including all of the event logistics if required).