Resources for Ecademy Digital Coaches

You’re probably reading this post because you’re currently working towards becoming an Ecademy Digital Coach.  As you possibly already know, yBC is an official partner of the Ecademy Digital School, and we’re thrilled to be providing the video content and video technology to the school.  We’ll use this page to keep an up-to-date directory of resources, video playlists, tools and offers, especially for Ecademy digital coaches.

Incredible video resources about the social web

First up, there are some very useful video playlists available to digital coaches.  These include interviews with leading social web commentators, analysts and practitioners, and cover a variety of topics which every digital coach should be aware of.  They are constantly updated to ensure that you have access to the very latest information.

Playlists follow at the foot of this page.

VIP (Video Impact Player): 1:1 video marketing tool

All Ecademy Digital Coaches (or those who have been through the full course and are close to becoming Ecademy Digital Coaches) are being offered a free VIP player.  You can find out more about the Video Impact Player here, but in a nutshell it’s a very clever tool which allows you to create, send and track video playlists to anyone, anywhere, very swiftly and easily.  It’s a great tool to use as part of your business development mix.  You can also embed playlists in your website, blog, or on social profiles (like you can with YouTube’s player).  And editing or creating new playlists is literally as easy as dragging and dropping videos into a list.

When you emerge as an Ecademy Digital Coach, you’ll be given access to your own VIP player, but with a twist.  We’ll load up some key yBC social media and engagement shows which will help you to advance your conversations with prospects and clients.  You can also use these shows – free of charge (because we’re supporting the Ecademy Digital School) – on your website, blog and any social profiles, so that you can share relevant and powerful information with people who are “checking you out” online.  It’s very simple to use, and will help you increase the impact you can have online.

Discounted pricing on all yBC products and services (including filming)

Anyone who has been through the Ecademy Digital Coach course will be offered reduced prices on all yBC products and services.  Our aim is to give you the biggest head-start possible.  For more information about what’s on offer and how we might be able to help, please contact us.

Playlists below …

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This page was last updated: 10 October 2010