The Retail TV Channel emerges …

retail tv channelSince late 2012, has been working on a new channel, The Retail TV Channel, focussing on the world of retail.

The aim of the Retail TV Channel is to showcase the latest thought-leadership, innovations and excitement in retail. It will also address many of the significant challenges retailers and their advisers are facing in this fast-changing industry.

In preparation for the Retail TV Channel launch, yBC has interviewed experts in retail property development, retail analysts, branding specialists, futurists, consumer behaviour experts, digital commentators and a whole host of people who work closely with retailers covering anything from research and testing, to marketing, collateral and stock presentation. We’ve now got dozens of short videos covering each of these topics, and more.

Once officially launched, the Retail TV Channel will continue to seek the expert views of retailers, consultants and industry specialists who can help bring clarity to a complex and fast-changing industry. Filming days will take place throughout 2013 in a variety of locations.  We’re always on the lookout for great interviewees.



About yBC
yourBusinessChannel brings over 7,000 shows cross-industry after being in the business of producing editorial online B2B channels for the past seven years. The logos (right) are some of the brands yBC has worked with.

To understand how a yBC channel works, the example of yBC’s The Hospitality Channel provides clarity. We’ve interviewed around 100 key executives from the world of hotels, including Presidents of Marriott, Hilton and InterContinental, numerous hotel group CEOs, as well as a plethora of other leading industry players who both serve the industry and are at the centre of it. Shows and video clips are shared out to key decision makers within the industry via channel distribution partners who between them reach tens of thousands of people at a senior level.

We have many other similar channels, and where possible, we share relevant clips between channels.  As you can imagine, a futurist talking about changing consumer behaviours might be equally relevant to the retail channel and the hospitality channel.

Examples of some interviews with top brands can be seen in the playlist below.  These are just a small sample and have been chosen at random …