Running an ecommerce site is a job in itself, but have you thought about how your customers find you?

You probably have an arsenal of data about where your customers go on the site, where they came from and what they were looking for? What does it all mean for your marketing strategy?

We’d like to talk about it because we think you could sell more by reaching out more to customers online.

If you’ve been in the industry for some time you will be aware that the smart thing to do is to supplement your paid search activity with a content strategy that helps customers find their way to your site. The challenge is how to do this in a way that’s strategic, trackable in real time and measurable (just like paid search).

New social media monitoring tools, like the ones we use at yBC Insight, enable you to tune in to the conversation – to find out who is saying what where, about you, your competitors, whatever you want to know. Armed with this information, you can develop a strategic response to engaging with these communities in order to raise awareness about what you do and drive traffic into your sales funnel.

We call it demand creation, essentially it’s about creating compelling video content to distribute over mass channels or deliver to individuals, depending on the campaign goal. Our editorial is credible, third party content that informs, teaches, convinces and persuades.

Unlike other content options, video has a number of advantages. Firstly, it’s less of a burden on your organisation than writing a regular blog. Secondly video is a format that enjoys massive popularity and is accessible to all. Thirdly, our technological support means it’s easy for you to manage, monitor and measure.