Signs social media is serious business

If you’ve been thinking social media is “optional”, all that may be about to change. If you follow the marketing and PR industry, you’ll see big players like Edelman are repositioning themselves. Digital is now a core part of the communications mix. All companies need to become publishing companies because telling their story through traditional media is no longer enough.

Yes it’s a sales pitch. But it’s a sales pitch that wouldn’t be in the market if Edelman didn’t believe that businesses – including your competitors – were prepared to spend significantly on social media.

  • If you’re in control of a marketing budget, ask yourself:
  • Do you understand the brand and competitive landscape online as it relates to your business?
  • Do you have an understanding of where the strategic opportunities are for your brand to undertake mass communications and 1:1 marketing online?
  • Do you have the skills and knowledge to identify opportunities and develop strategy?

Answers to these questions aren’t that hard to find. But market trends suggest you need to find them sooner, not later. Forrester has gone so far as to suggest that agencies that don’t embrace digital media will die out.. (source) Presumably, clients that take the same approach with go with them.