This page outlines yourBusinessChannel’s Standard Video Clip Licence Terms. You are probably reviewing this page because you have requested (or have been sent) access to video clips of your recent interview with If any of the following terms are unclear, please first contact the yourBusinessChannel team for clarification before doing anything further with yourBusinessChannel video clips.

Where yourBusinessChannel offers you access to video clips of selected interviews, access is granted subject to the following licence terms, which you accept by accessing the video clips

  1. All clips you have access to remain the property of yourBusinessChannel.
  2. yourBusinessChannel is granting you a licence to access, review and publish the clips until such time as this licence is withdrawn by yourBusinessChannel.
  3. You may only access the videos via the video platform provided by yourBusinessChannel, and in the manner indicated by yourBusinessChannel from time to time.
  4. Very specifically, you do not have permission to download any of the video clips on yourBusinessChannel’s video platform.
  5. You may not copy, rip or otherwise reproduce the video, as such action could constitute breach of copyright and a breach of this licence.
  6. You may not do anything which causes yourBusinessChannel or any of our interviewees harm in any way, including anything libellous or likely to cause concern, reputational damage, or any other form of loss.
  7. These licence terms will be updated from time to time without giving you express notice, with the latest terms always being available for you to review on this web page.

Updated 30/10/2013