The Future of Retail


The future of retail is going to be radically different. It’s going to be driven by changing consumer behavior patterns, rapidly evolving shopping trends, retailers experimenting with new ways to maximize customer delight at retail stores and eCommerce websites.

Will it all be too complex for us to deal with or are the latest trends harbingers to what’s to come? Experts have many interesting things to predict about the future of the retail industry, about the possibility of finer ways of doing things such as printing out 3D objects, and we are already seeing Interactive video..

See what our experts have to say on the future of retail, what you can expect to see, how shopping changes with time, and much more. Included below are comments, views, and opinions from:

  • Neil Jenkinson, Business Development Director, SP Group
  • David Walker, Director, Incite
  • Graeme Codrington, Futurist, Tomorrow Today
  • Dr. Manuel Aparicio, Co-founder and CEO, Saffron Technology