The Superstar Economy – Recruitment in the digital world

Animated video for digital and integrated recruitment company, Superstars, introduces a disruptive approach to staffing.

According to a survey by PwC, 73% of CEOs are concerned about finding the right skills to grow their business.

This worry has risen dramatically over the past 5-10 years, as developments in technology have changed the rules of business.

Innovation is king in the digital world. New thinking is needed and new talent is essential.

Now a new disruptive recruitment model has arisen to help organisations find superstar talent.

A unique staffing model

Superstars, a recruitment company for digital and creative talent, is making waves in the world of technology.

In its unique model, candidates are offered mentors, and support to achieve their goals, while clients are offered a pool of the finest talent, and a subscription model with no margins or hidden fees.

Superstars needed help to explain this revolutionary model to future clients and enlisted yBC to create a short impactful video introducing The Superstar Economy.

yBC came up with the idea to create a bright and engaging animated video, inspired by comic strip/graphic novel style, to capture the drama of recruitment in big business.

The 1min15 video uses computer animation as well as video footage that was treated to take on the comic strip look. This footage was taken from yBC’s own stock video library and a talent attraction project that yBC had previously worked on with Superstars.

The animation also features Superstar’s Founder Steve Hutson captured in cartoon form.

The story told in the video is one that many large organisations using traditional recruitment approaches will be familiar with: paying too much for recruitment and struggling against the competition. The video states:

“Digital economics is rapidly transforming business economics.

New “superstar organisations” can quickly dominate markets.

Being a good second used to be enough, now being second is being nowhere.”

yBC enjoys helping businesses tell their stories with impact.

We recently worked with CSC’s Leading Edge Forum to create a Matrix style video that explained the findings from the organisation’s latest research.