Video remains preferred social media activity

If you’re wondering how business can relate to people on social media, I’d recommend taking a look at Universal McCann’s recent Wave 5 social media report. This research, as I’ve mentioned previously, began in 2006 and each new report reveals the changing nature of how people spend time on the internet.

In terms of yBC’s core business – video – the news is interesting. Among “active internet users” (specifically, a sample of people from 54 countries, each aged between 16 – 54 and who use the internet at least every two days), video is still top dog when it comes to the most popular social media activities.

More people have watched video clips online than have visited a friend’s social network page or read blogs.

What’s more around 30% of social networkers had uploaded video to their profile in the past six months – very interesting because it shows than instead of being passive consumers, people are actively creating and curating content for their networks.  In fact, the authors note people are adopting these methods for sharing video are growing at a faster pace than established video sharing platforms.

Wave 5 shows the growing rate at which people are incorporating video into their social networking

If you’re interested in how to connect with and engage customers online, Wave 5 makes interesting reading.