20yr LEF veteran – Forum helps us understand the threat of disruptive tech

Author: Daniel Wakeman, James Kirk (

Categories: LEF
I've been working, I've been coming to Leading Edge Forum for many years, before when I was doing POTs.  I'm very familiar with this organisation and probably I've come to it for the last 20 years, 15 years.  It's a very, it's very thought-leader organisation, and it's good to see that now that many of the good ideas that Leading Edge Forum is coming up with actually being incorporated and put into practice by CSC. I came today because the agenda was really focused on technology disruption, and technology disruption is something that many of us are very concerned about.  Especially in an industry like education which is behind in adapting technology, but that's starting to change.  And as it changes we have to be sure that we remain competitive.  The advent into massive online courses open online courses, the MOOCs, there's a lot of things happening now with the common core assessments as they come into the high school, and K-12 environment, and that's going to bring a lot of technology in the classroom, we're already seeing the role, of education, get a big foothold in education, and as these platforms develop in education , and data starts being gathered, and for the first time we actually started getting big data sets in education, there's going to be a lot of education, and it may change the whole way education is done in this country. We don't want to be left behind we want to be in front of that change.  And I'm concerned that, if we are aware of these technology shifts and understand how to map our future, which is one of those things we heard about today, we won't be ready to adopt our strategy, it'll just be outdated.
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