50 years of change now takes just 10 years

Author: Chris Wiesinger, James Kirk (

Categories: Silicon Valley
I think you are seeing the emergence and decline of industries at a pace that used to be 50 year pace, and now it's become compressed to, I don't know, a decade?  Right.  New businesses rise and fall. Blackberry.  Apple.  So the rate of disruption, and I think the potential of disruption.  The rate of disruption is high, and everyone's vulnerable to the disruption, so the question becomes, how do we cope with the disruption, how do we as individuals, and how do we as organisations and enterprises cope with this very disruptive environment?  I think a lot of, you know, traditional organisations, particularly government tend to retrench.  So we have some customers that are stuck in a paper way of doing business.  And when you come to them and say, you know, we could take your entire operation and get you digital within a year, they just, they don't know what to do with that, and they kind of push you away because that's so disruptive for who they are.  It goes to the essence of who they are, and their being, that there is resistance, but I think, in a sense with these kind of waves of change, resistance is kind of futile, you either adopt and ride the wave, or you're going to get caught up and tumble in the wave.
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