A role for everyone in a new, creative economy

Author: Dan Hushon, James Kirk (

Categories: digital prosperity
Erik is fantastic, he's actually a member of CSC's board and a partner of mine in helping CSC transform, so you  know, I think Erik is a brilliant guy. I think there is a massive amount of value, that is latent value, that we haven't yet unlocked, and the value of the informaton that we have is largely untouched.  I think his you know, coming prosperity is absolutely right on.  There is a role for everyone in this new economy.  The real question is whether or not we have the skills to actually play those roles and I, and we did talk this time about the key need to actually open up education and to really be very very open to new strategies, new jobs, new styles, and by doing that bring a larger portion of the workforce away from manual labour or repetitive work to more creative work helping us to experiment and invent and move forward in the landscape.
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