Access to data helps business development

Author: Sir Nigel Knowles, James Kirk

Categories: Big Data & Data Analytics, Business Strategy, Customer Engagement, Marketing Strategy
Tags: access to information, clients, practice management system
Access to data through a practice management system can help CEOs stay connected with the needs of the business and its clients. Sir Nigel Knowles gives his opinion in this TV show.

Access to data: Maintaining the flow of information

A flow of information, to me is very important, but fortunately we have a practice management system that allows me to access  that information at any time, wherever I am. So in terms of the basic financials of the firm, how many recorded hours we achieved yesterday, what our billings look like for the month/year to date. What percentage is recovery against charging rates we've got, that's always immediately available from the point of view of marketing and business development and new work coming in or tenders and pitches that we are preparing for. I am familiar with those and in many cases get involved in them. Because if you are doing my job I think its crucially important to remain connected with clients, you can't build and run a law firm without knowing what the client dimension is. I think the more time I can spend with clients the better I am able to develop and push the practice. Without clients we have nothing. Clients are everything to our firm.

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